Date: 6/24/18 10:34 am
From: Carol Muth <suzmuth...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Purple Finches, Roque Bluffs 24 June
I hardly ever see any bird behavior, even though I hear the birds singing
all around me every day. This Breeding Atlas has been a frustration for me,
However. Two pair of Purple Finches have been at our feeder for more than a
month. Around noon I looked out the window and Purple Finches were doing
something. I think this is a fledgling and an adult male. But the Adult is
larger than the other finch, so maybe it's not what it looks like, a young
bird begging for food.
If you can stand looking at three photos taken through a double-glazed
window with a 10Xzoom 10 year old point-and-shoot, please let me know if
you think this is not an adult feeding young. I don't want to post to
Breeding Atlas until I am sure.
Also, Wally, while he was taking his morning walk, flushed four juvenile
winter wrens from their nest or hiding place under leaves in the ravine
next to our place yesterday. They sat in a row on a branch on the ground
and he quickly left so he would not disturb them.

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