Date: 6/24/18 8:51 am
From: Blog Yurassoff <>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Scarlet Tanager color
This morning I found a male Scarlet Tanager that was an orange color
slightly less intense than a male Northern Oriole. I've read of color
variants for this bird, but hadn't seen it before. I'm wondering if anyone
knows how common this is and whether it's tied to age, health, diet or
something else.

On the subject of a New Jersey breeding bird atlas, this is a project I'd
love to see get going. I have great memories of working on the second atlas
project in New York and plainly New Jersey is due for another turn. I'm not
sure which organization would actually initiate the groundwork for this.
Unfortunately getting ready for a 2019 start might be difficult.

Michael Davis
Edgewater Park

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