Date: 6/24/18 4:51 am
From: Harriet Hillis Jansma <hjansma...>
Subject: a successful ID
Thanks to Joe Neal, who sat with us in our near side yard yesterday morning, we have identified our resident "warbler." It turns out to be a pair, not of warblers, but of White-eyed Vireos.

I had asked Joe and Mike Mlodinov for help after using Sibley and the Cornell site to try to identify a constant singer in the big oak beside our house. We are low-tech birders, without good spotting tools and without a smart phone to play a call. One close look at the bird, looking toward bright light, wasn't helpful, though it proved accurate.

The song was clear and frequent. So, using the maps to narrow the warbler possibilities, I listened to calls many times. No match.

As Joe sat, we saw a small bird in a yew nearby, and he immediately identified a White-eyed Vireo. How lucky you are to have this Vireo hanging around so close, he remarked. Then he played the song -- and lured the mate! Not only that: the song was what we had been hearing all along. Mystery solved.

While he sat, Joe heard a Northern Parula in our lower garden lot, and also a House Wren (the Carolina Wren is our loudest and steadiest singer). He noted that our varied vegetation provides good habitat for many species -- not always rare, but always welcome.

Harriet Jansma

south side of Mount Sequoyah, Fayetteville

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