Date: 6/23/18 2:24 pm
From: Tim Janzen <tjanzen...>
Subject: [obol] Re: How should Oregon birders organize?
Dear Alan,

My first pair of binoculars that I birded with in the 1980s were a pair of Tascos that looked a lot like your pair. I may still have them around somewhere in a closet. I like to think of birders as being on a spectrum from the very hard core to the causal wildlife observer who simply enjoys seeing birds in the wild or in their own backyard. I don’t see this changing much in the future. There are certain sports or hobbies that have at least partially fallen out of favor over the past 50 years such as stamp collecting and coin collecting. Others are now much more common than they were 50 years ago such as playing video games. I think that OBOL is a great resource for the intermediate to hard core birders in Oregon. Facebook groups are clearly coming to dominate the scene for some of the other hobbies I am involved in. E-mail lists such as OBOL will continue to play a role, but Facebook has a broader audience and so it is important for birders in Oregon to have a presence there too. I think that the OBA needs to remain as active as it can even if the membership decreases to a certain extent due to factors such as younger birders being less inclined to join organizations. I believe that there is a need for statewide birding associations above and beyond the local Audubon chapters.


Tim Janzen

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Subject: [obol] How should Oregon birders organize?

Brodie, not-yet-elderly birder, this is a very helpful post, thank you.

I think most of the older birders I know would arrange for binoculars for a ten-year-old who was unable to get his or her own, provided we knew of the need. As far as I’m concerned this is, or should be, our cultural norm. I trust that the kid you mention now has binocs via someone in Portland Audubon. If not, please let me know.

I started birding at age 11, son of a recently-divorced mother who was going through bankruptcy at the time. Money for binoculars was not easy to come by. The Eugene birding community made sure that I got connected and could get out birding and nature took its course.

Thank you to those who took me birding in the late 1960s and early 1970s and are still with us including Al Prigge, Larry McQueen, Eva Schultz, Herb Wisner, Pat Patterson, Thelma Greenfield and anyone I forgot. Four of those early supporters are now in their 90s and still enjoying birds when they can. Whether I turned out all right is for y’all to decide. :-)

By the way, my brother John somehow kept my first binoculars, which he ended up with as I got others. He gave them back to me last year - the year he attended his first CBC since the 1970s. Just for fun I’ll include a pic of my 1967 Tascos with my Peterson Guide of the same era (taped back together the first time by Norma Tedd, librarian at Roosevelt Junior High in Eugene). Both were all but magical tools at the time; they are now retired. Me, not quite.

Alan Contreras


Eugene, Oregon

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