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Subject: FW: DoD Partners in Flight 2017 Annual Report
I extracted the Executive Summary. Please contact me off-line to receive the entire document.

Jeff Short

The primary goal of DOD Natural Resource Management Programs is to help ensure
optimal access to and utilization of our ranges and training areas to support military
readiness. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Executive Order 13186 (Responsibilities of
Federal Agencies to Protect Migratory Birds), and the National Environmental Policy Act,
require analysis of impacts of military activities on migratory birds. While sound natural
resource management often directly supports both the goal and requirement, balancing
the conservation of sensitive and protected resources, such as migratory birds with
military testing, training and operations can present challenges.
DoD lands represent a critical network of habitats for migratory birds and natural
ecosystems, and are managed through the preparation and implementation of
Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans (INRMPs). INRMPs guide the
implementation of an installation’s natural resource management activities in ways
that ensure consistency with military mission objectives and that support “no net loss”
of mission capability, while also providing for conservation, rehabilitation, and sustained
multipurpose use of installation lands.
DoD Partners in Flight facilitates actions to conserve and enhance these
valuable habitats and public lands in support of the military testing, training, and
operational objectives. This network of DoD natural resource professionals work as
DoD Partners in Flight Representatives to support and communicate with installation
resource managers, state and regional Partners in Flight working groups, nongovernment
organizations, academic researchers, and natural resource consultants to
collectively promote and coordinate bird conservation across DoD lands

DoD PIF Accomplishments
 Provided technical guidance to DoD leadership and resource managers on the implementation
of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and related Executive Orders. Ensured activities and relevant
issues were properly communicated to Military Service and OSD Natural Resources leadership.
 Supported DoD’s engagement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on policy, guidance, and
other issues relevant to management and monitoring of migratory birds on military lands.
 Helped develop the Addressing Migratory Bird Management in Integrated Natural Resources
Management Plans – Guidance.
 Instructed on the Migratory Bird Treaty Act at two U.S. Naval Civil Engineer Corps Officers
School (CECOS) courses and other DoD training workshops.
 Identified the most hazardous species to a safe military flight environment, and initiated studies
to decrease the threat from these hazardous species.
 Worked with NGO, and federal and state agency partners to establish an Avian Knowledge
Network federal node to support required NEPA and impact analysis of DoD activities on
migratory birds.
DOD PIF Priorities
 Provide technical assistance to installation biologists to support overall management of migratory
bird populations in support of federal statutes to enhance mission requirements and ensure
migratory birds are sufficiently addressed in INRMPs.
 Coordinate and finalize the DoD list of Mission-Sensitive species, which are at-risk species that,
if listed, would have the greatest impact to mission implementation. The list helps installations
prioritize monitoring programs and NEPA documents, and guides the development and
prioritization of conservation actions.
 Improve communication, coordination, and cooperation between Air Operations and Natural
Resource programs including the integration of Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) plans into
INRMPs to mitigate strike hazards.
 Identify emerging issues related to migratory bird management and mission requirements.

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Attached is the 2017 DoD Partners in Flight Annual Report for 2017, along with a separate Executive Summary.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and as always, how DoD PIF can help support you.


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