Date: 6/23/18 6:24 am
From: Joseph Kennedy <josephkennedy36...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: Budgeriar eBird Submissions
There are also relatively wild budgerigars in Texas that nest out there
year after year and successfully raise young. My walking route had nests
for many years until they expanded and nested over the apartment office
door and sit and poop over the doorstep and prospective tenants. After the
young were gone they sealed the area and the birds moved to another area
where they fed a cooper's hawk for about 3 more years.

It is important to track new species as after starting real slow the
species can suddenly proliferate. Budgies did this on the west coast of
florida and there were really large numbers expanding in all directions.
Then expansion stopped, the range edges retracted until there were only a
few in one town and then basically none. No one has the slightest idea as
to why and how they adapted and then unadapted as no one ever really
studied them as they were on the evil list by the NIB listers. Crested Myna
is another species that did well and then vanished.

the tame ebird designation should mean that you know it is a domestic bird
by knowing that particular bird escaped and has not been adapted to the
wild. Has not bred and has not happily lived for several years, found
cousins etc.

The Houston area is a great budgie habitat with lots of artificial and
natural nest sites. Many of the pet shop birds are inbred and not well
adapted to outdoors or even inside a house but others are raised to
maintain the wild genetic stock and colors.

On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 8:06 AM, Joe and Renee Fischer <
<dmarc-noreply...> wrote:

> Why do Texas birders continue to submit Budgeriar to eBird when there is a
> Budgeriar (Domestic) option in eBird? Certainly no one believes these are
> wild at this point. A bit surprised that the eBird reviewers have not
> corrected. I am certainly in favor of submitting everything that is seen.
> However, some species do have a domestic option and that would appear to be
> the correct option. We went through this with the Indian Peafowl a couple
> of years back.
> Joe Fischer
> Friendswood, TX

Joseph C. Kennedy
on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston

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