Date: 6/22/18 7:02 pm
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: Peregrine viewing opportunity, Northampton county
Howdy All,

Its a good time now to check out the young flegdling peregrines in
Bethlehem since they are still around and are developing their flying

It looks like 3 have successfully fledged-2 females and a male. I've
seen the two females a few times this week and perhaps the young male
bird. Definitely the male on a few previous occasions.

Anyhow I'm mentioning this because its pretty painless to get as good
look at the young birds flying around and interacting with the parents.

From the roof of the parking garage they are easy to observe. Just look
towards the river. They hang out on top of the old powerline towers that
were used for the Steel. Look towards the river as the ramp takes you
onto the rood of the parking garage to see the towers.

I've watched the birds hang out on the tower and wait around until the
parents drop off food for them They will take short flight and have
circled around to where they were right over my car almost.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me

Happy birding,
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