Date: 6/21/18 4:48 pm
From: Karen Burnson <karenburnson...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Fledged Golden Eagle
6/1/18 At the Sierra Azul Open Space *Golden Eagle* nest one of the two
eaglets fledged either today or yesterday. Janna Pauser and I first saw
the nestlings on May 10th and I have been checking on them. I have been to
the nest every day this week as they looked ready to go and yesterday I
only saw one eaglet in the nest and no adults around. Today there was
still one eaglet in the nest eating but in the sky was a fledgling and an
adult soaring together. The adult had a bunch of sticks in its talons and
was very vocal. They both landed on a power tower where another adult was
already perched. All three were still there at different levels of the
tower when I left.

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