Date: 6/21/18 1:30 pm
From: Phil Silas via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] VABBA2 Blockbusting in Prince William County

Had the pleasure of trying the concept of a concentrated atlasing effort in a particular block this morning. The 4 of us split into 2 teams to cover walking and driving routes in the Independent Hill SE priority block. Statistics are still being processed and it is estimated we upgraded 20 species to either Possible, Probable or Confirmed breeders. The most enjoyable feature was observing young birds. My favorites were a Pileated Woodpecker with a head full of new red spiky feathers that hadn't yet feathered; a pair of Killdeer going in opposite directions with their broken-wing display while their 2 too cute chicks tried to be ignored; and a Red-shouldered Hawk that was on the ground and flew clumsily into a low bush, and perched with a branch pushing its tail up higher than its head. Oh, and finally, a Red-bellied Woodpecker nobody could ever call a Red-headed Woodpecker as there was not yet ANY red on the head. Concept validated, more opportunities available at
Phil Silas, Woodbridge

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