Date: 6/20/18 9:15 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [COBOL] Wednesday birding

I ventured from McMinnville today to join the Wednesday Birders at Sisters.
I got to town early enough to look for PINYON JAYS and found them on
McKinney Butte Rd, N of the high school, right across the street from the
Sisters Christian Church. A fire hydrant marks the spot. Some of the
houses over the fence to the west must have feeders that are attracting the

I joined the Wednesday Birders outing which Judy has already reported.

About 2 PM I went to the outlet of Tumalo Reservoir. It was the doldrum
time of day. I stayed an hour and heard no "che-BEK! From the Least
Flycatcher. Then a rain storm drove me to move on.

I got to Lake Creek Lodge in Camp Sherman by 4 PM and was given permission
to sit on the back deck of cabin 10 to look for the Gray Catbird. A light
rain was falling. I sat under the eve of the roof for 35 minutes and heard
no Catbird. Finally, I walked past cabins 6 & 7 to check out the locations
Tom Crabtree described. On my way back, a wet CATBIRD appeared in the
bushes just east of the steps to cabin 10's deck.

I declared victory and headed home.

Thanks for a good day.

Paul Sullivan

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Subject: [COBOL] Lake Creek Lodge

I birded Jefferson County today. I stopped in at Lake Creek Lodge around
1:30pm. I went into the office to ask permission to bird and was given
consent by the very helpful staff person. He indicated that someone was in
Cabin 10 (where the Catbirds have been seen most regularly). He suggested
that I stand in front of Cabin 6 and look back in the direction of Cabin 10.
Within a minute one of the birds popped up. It briefly sang from the top of
a wild rose on the other side of a creek and then flew towards me where it
sang from a bush before it headed east down the Willow Bridge Trail. It
spent some time singing from a Ponderosa Pine near the first picnic table
along the trail. The bird repeated this route several times in the 45
minutes I was there. It also spent some time in the row of bushes between
Cabin 10 and the creek and as I left it was near the main bridge by the

Everyone I encountered at the Lodge was extremely friendly. It was extremely
relaxing birding in this delightful location. For a list of what I saw at
Lake Creek Lodge check out this eBird list:

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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