Date: 6/20/18 6:21 pm
From: Sandy Berger <sndbrgr...>
Subject: Re: urban Bell's Vireo (Fayetteville/Washington Co.)
Every year I hear Bell's Vireos in what I think are the strangest places
here in Fort Smith. Abandoned industrial areas that were once prairie seem
to be popular. Nature starts to take over these places again, and sometimes
the birds come back.

Sandy B

On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 7:27 PM Alyssa DeRubeis <alderubeis...>

> A pleasant and unexpected sound as I biked back from a friend's house in
> Fayetteville, this evening I heard a Bell's Vireo singing multiple times
> from an apparently abandoned area--abandoned by humans, at least. It's a
> shrubby area with young trees and probably has few human visitors. It's the
> area on the west side of Leverett Avenue where it dead-ends, and is just
> south of the bike trail that runs on the south side of the UA farm.
> On my bike ride home I thought "How strange for a Bell's Vireo to be in
> such an urban setting!" By and large my experiences with the species have
> been in rural sites seldom visited by people, and often in much larger
> tracts of (relatively) undisturbed shrubby habitat. But then I remembered
> way back to one of my earliest observations of Bell's Vireo, circa 2006,
> which was actually in a very small (smaller than the Leverett patch) of
> shrubbery along a Minneapolis lake!
> So I suppose it's one of those species that prefers quiet sites but
> occasionally shows up in higher-traffic settings. Good thing I decided to
> bike instead of drive today.
> Alyssa DeRubeis
> Fayetteville (Washington Co.)

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