Date: 6/20/18 5:34 pm
From: Laas Harvey <hlaas...>
Subject: [texbirds] Waller County nesting neotropic cormorants
There are currently three neotropic cormorant nests here on the ranch. This I think is unusual for Waller County. I only saw the first bird of the species on the ranch a little of a year ago and it was a one day fly over. They are nesting in the cypress tree on Pine Lake that has served as a great egret rookery for the last three years. Once again about 20 pairs of great egrets nested there. Most of the egret nests were successful with many of the young already fledging, though there are still a few youngsters in the nest. The cormorants started nesting much later than the egrets I first spotted the nests on May 29th and two of the nests were still under construction. On June 15th I observed two recent hatchlings begging in the oldest nest. The other two nests still appeared to be incubating.
In addition there were three pairs of anhingas that nested in the tree. They started nesting slightly after the great egrets. On May 29th there were a total of 10 young on the two nests, four on one nest and three in the other two. On June 15th I only saw three of the young anhingas, but with all the great egrets plus about 20 roosting cattle egrets there were a lot of white birds. The young ahingas with their white down tended to blend in. It’s also possible I suppose that the older birds had fledged in the two plus weeks between visits. There was one pair of anhingas that successfully nest in the tree two years ago. Given that we’ve had 9.2 inches of rain in the last three days it will be awhile before I can check on the nests.

Harvey Laas
10 miles N of Brookshire, Tx
9.2 inches and it's still raining slowly
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