Date: 6/20/18 3:07 pm
From: HAROLD YOCUM <drhal2...>
Subject: Mitch Park Birding -Summertime
Summer is here tomorrow- at least officially. Often we think that means less birds to see and the " same old thing every day".

In the last 2 days at Mitch Park, in Edmond I have had sightings of just around 50 species. Generally I get 28-35 on any given day, but some species vary as to being seen or heard on a daily basis. This list will likely reflect about 90% of what is around there as even 2 days doesn't take into account "flyovers" and there is likely 10 more species that may be seen during the summer months.

Species seen:

Canadian goose


Bob White quail

Green Heron- flyover and at pond behind senior center

Little blue heron- ( ditto above)

Great blue heron- (ditto above)

Turkey vulture

Red Shouldered Hawk

Red tailed Hawk

American Kestrel

Mississippi Kite


Rock dove( Pigeon)

Mourning dove

Eurasian collared dove

Yellow-billed cuckcoo

Black chinned hummingbird- east side at trail entrance to small pond in adjoining neighborhood

Black chinned / Ruby throated hybrid hummingbird

Downy woodpecker

Red bellied woodpecker

Scissor tailed flycatcher- nested and young easily seen in the skate park parking lot

Eastern Phoebe

Western kingbird

Eastern kingbird

Bells vireo- usually heard in the sand plum thickets, but actually seen both days

American crow

Fish crow

Blue jay

Barn sawllow

Purple martin- usually flying high over the park

Tufted titmouse

Bewick's wren

Carolina wren

bluegray gnatcatcher - seen less than usual due to silent , and nesting

Eastern bluebird

American Robin

Northern Mockingbird

Brown thrasher

European starling

Louisiana waterthrush- along the creek either side of the bridge

Field sparrow

Lark sparrow

Northern cardinal- I have seen the leucistic female about 1x a week , near the hill to the west of the bridge

Painted Bunting- still singing both days

Dickcissel- usually singing to the north of the skate park parking lot

Red winged blackbird- at pond behind the senior center

Common grackle- woods and pond behind the senior center

Great tailed grackle

Brown headed cowbird

Eastern Meadowlark

American goldfinch

House finch

House Sparrow

The only other common species that I did not see during these last 2 days is Carolina chickadee.

Come and see some great summer birds.

Hal A. Yocum
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