Date: 6/20/18 11:09 am
From: Lawrence Herbert <certhia13...>
Subject: Re: cedar waxwing nesting record
For a bird outing soon I think that I'll check that out.
I have a couple of thoughts, but, I'll go see first....
Thanks for your note, Esther.
Larry in Joplin.
Lawrence Herbert <certhia13...> 6-20-18.

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 7:38 PM, Esther M Key <emkok...> wrote:

> We were at the Bicentennial State Park recently and discovered it has been
> closed and a gate prevents entry.
> Esther Key OKC
> On 6/18/2018 8:24 AM, Lawrence Herbert wrote:
> I found a cedar waxwing nest on 7 June, 1997, at Bicentennial State Park,
> Ottawa County, OK.
> It was 8 meters high in a sycamore tree, well out on a horizontal limb.
> The record was published in the OOS Bull., Vol. 30, number 4, in Dec.,
> 1997.
> It was under the General Notes heading.
> The nest appeared to be about half complete. Here's a quote from the note:
> "The birds were using pieces of the sycamore's paper-thin outer bark and
> dead
> grass-like stems of ragweed (Ambrosia sp.) for nesting material. I
> observed one bird pass
> a thin stem to the other, bill to bill, and the recepient used this stem
> to line the nest."
> They were silent during my observation time 0800 to 0845.
> When I returned on 26 June the nest was gone but there were some waxwings
> in the
> vicinity.
> The record also made the 2004 OK Breeding Bird Atlas, pp 344-345.
> Larry, in Joplin
> Lawrence Herbert <certhia13...>
> 6-18-18.
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