Date: 6/20/18 8:46 am
From: Craig Repasz via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] River herring at great risk!
Please see below.

Craig Repasz
COA Conservation Chair

From: Bill Lucey at Save the Sound <lmcmillan...>
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2018 4:38 PM
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Subject: River herring at great risk!

A special action request from Bill Lucey, your Soundkeeper...

The industrial herring fishery uses some of the East Coast’s largest fishing vessels—huge trawlers with nets the size of football fields. When they trawl for Atlantic herring, they accidentally catch river herring, too…the same river herring whose populations Save the Sound and our partners have been working to rebuild for decades.

Fortunately, the New England Fishery Management Council is considering rules that can help protect them.

Tell the fishery council: “Please protect marine food webs and our river herring!”<>

A key issue: whether large-scale trawling should be prohibited close to shore, where intense fishing can disrupt complex food webs that support rich marine wildlife. The industrial boats operate intensively just off the mouth of Long Island Sound in January, February, and March, the same time and place river herring (alewife and blueback herring) gather to begin their journeys up Connecticut’s rivers to spawn. Don’t let our dwindling stocks of river herring end up in a bait bag! A seasonal no-trawl zone off the coast of Maine has resulted in strong runs of river herring in their rivers. Similar zones off the rest of the coast will go a long way to restore vibrant river herring runs and predator populations in our Sound.

There have been public hearings in RI, MA, ME, and PA…but not in CT or NY. These river herring swim in the Sound and your rivers, so you deserve to have your voice heard, too. This easy form will let you personalize a letter to the fishery managers<>. Please join with hundreds of sport and small commercial fishermen to speak up for sensible river herring protections.

Thank you for taking action!

Bill Lucey

Long Island Soundkeeper


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