Date: 6/20/18 8:48 am
From: Scott Loss <scottrloss...>
Subject: UPDATE: Magnificent Frigatebird - Lake Carl Blackwell
As an update to my previous post - I was able to watch the Magnificent
Frigatebird circle lazily over Lake Carl Blackwell for over half an hour.
Tim O'Connell was also able to get to the dam (at the east end of Lake Carl
Blackwell) in time to see it, and Mike Yough also got to Ski Point in time
to get a distant view of the bird with me.

I originally saw this bird foraging just above the water only about 250 ft
north of Ski Point (associating with a boat of fishermen), and then it
started flying higher and circling over the lake. Of course, my camera
battery was dead, but I was able to get a diagnostic video of the bird
circling in flight using my smart phone. As I am unable to post the video
to my eBird checklist (due to file compatability issues), I'll post it to
both the OOS and Payne County Audubon facebook pages.

Unfortunately, when I left, it looked like the bird was heading further
away and higher, so it may not stick around for anyone thinking of driving
to Stillwater. Nonetheless, it may still be worth checking at Lake Carl
Blackwell or one of the other nearby lakes (McMurtry or Boomer) since I
can't guarantee 100% that it left the area.

Scott Loss

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