Date: 6/20/18 6:10 am
From: Dale Bonk <debunkshy...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] RFI - Patagonia BC Gnatcatchers
Yesterday I tried for the black-capped gnatcatchers described as a "short
distance" up the Geoffrey Platts trail. I had no luck.
I realize the young have fledged and so have certainly extended their
range, but what is a "short distance"? Still before the first bend in the
trail, down in the taller mesquite with all the Lucy's; between the first
bend and the second where there's tall mesquite in one side and scrub in
the other; it even a bit further up the way?
I'm heading there again this morning, so a prompt reply would be most
Dale Bonk
Mount Horeb, WI

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