Date: 6/19/18 9:50 pm
From: Sameer Apte <sameerapte1...>
Subject: Somerset Co.: Franklin's Gull continues; whips, mammals
Hi all,
Jack Chaillet, Tessa Rhinehart, and I chased the Franklin's Gull at Lake
Somerset this evening. We had the bird opposite the south boat launch,
foraging in the shallows on the other side of the lake. This is very far
away from the viewpoint, so a scope is recommended, although we initially
found the bird using binoculars.

The continuing basic plumage Common Loon was also still present, below the

Afterwards, we birded Vought Rock Rd. on Mt. Davis for nocturnal birds.
Highlights were 2 Barred Owls calling distantly, a flushed American
Woodcock, 4 species of calling thrushes (Wood, Veery, Hermit, and robin), a
Black-and-white Warbler, and 8 Eastern Whip-poor-wills. The Whips were very
vocal, extremely active, and quite approachable; we were able to observe a
couple courtship displays and get great looks at them as they sat on the

In addition, Jack's bat detector allowed us to identify both Big Brown Bat
and Evening Bat, both on Vought Rock Road. Farther up the road near the Mt.
Davis summit, we had a calling Northern Flying Squirrel.

Although we got home late, a great and different experience in birding at
night in the mountains.

Good birding,
Sameer Apte
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