Date: 6/19/18 2:38 pm
From: Black-Tanski <blacktanski...>
Subject: Re: [COBOL] dead finches
There was an interesting line drawn to feeder hygiene, and this may have
been the source of the problem given the circumstances reported originally
by Kevin "1". While this is an incredibly important dialog, it's not a neat
fit with respect to my own observations. I was referring to a broader,
overall absence of finches in the 'hood (not just our yard) over many
months. I cannot help but wonder if other population dynamics may be at
work. That said, I heard finches singing away in the Parr Lumber warehouse
today, so I can attest to at least a few around in Larkspur. Thank you for
your important post, and the incredibly important work you do.

Kevin "3"

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 10:49 AM, Elise W <ewolf97...> wrote:

> Judy is right. Take down all feeders. Soak in a 10% bleach solution. Wash
> again with soap and water to get bleach film off, then rinse 4 times. Dry
> completely.
> Leave down for a couple days to get sick birds moved off.
> Wash bird baths too. Never use wood. Or if you do soak the you know out of
> it.
> Diseases: house finch disease is conjunctivitis, affecting the eyes.
> However, it can make them just be ill without obvious eye crustiness. These
> birds starve to death, and you will see an otherwise "healthy" bird simply
> sitting at the feeder, often in the lower tray. his is more likely than
> salmonella with the finches (yes Goldfinches are getting this now, super
> sad). Pine siskins tend to be more vulnerable to salmonella, but that can
> affect any bird as well. As can, coccidia, giardia, respiratory illness,
> parasites, etc.
> If this was a family, then they could all be seriously affected by
> parasites (mites, internal). bust most likely house finch disease.
> If you get me a bird, I will assess.
> Elise Wolf
> Native Bird Care
> Sisters, OR
> 541-728-8208
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