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Subject: [LACoBirds] Re: ???Pinyon Jay(s)??? at Grassy Hollow Visitor Center???
I got an email from a friend suggesting White-breasted Nuthatch (which did occur to me when I was there, so while there, I listened to calls of various nuthatch species on my phone's Sibley app; none of them matched) . However, the phone apps don't have all the calls, so I just spent a good half an hour listening to nuthatches and Pinyon Jays on<> and keep circling back to Pinyon Jay.

The calls I heard are labeled "begging calls" by the recordists who uploaded them.

Unlike the typical nasal "Weh! Weh! Weh! Weh! Weh!" calls that are on Peterson bird sound CDs, the Sibley app, etc., these calls could be described as a smooth, round "Hop?!?"

Tom Miko



From: Thomas Miko <thomas_miko...>
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Subject: ???Pinyon Jay(s)??? at Grassy Hollow Visitor Center???


Did I put enough question marks into the subject line?????

Yesterday, after she handed me a 14 year old bottle of Oban, she asked, "What do you want to do for Father's Day?" so I said that I wanted to go up Highway 2 and look for mountain birds. At Grassy Hollow I heard a fascinating sound 4 different times over the course of an hour. I had sound recording equipment, and did record Fox Sparrows and Green-tailed Towhees, but never succeeded in capturing the sound of this/these birds that called out of sight. The Clark's Nutcrackers also called, sight unseen, so there was a lot of "heard only" going on, yesterday.

I am quite familiar with the sound of Pinyon Jays from the eastern Big Bear area, and other mountain ranges in California. I have heard them many times.

Is there anything else up there e.g. WB Nuthatch/White-headed Woodpecker that sounds similar to Pinyon Jay? Not just vaguely similar, but close enough, that I got that other bird species calls confused with Pinyon Jay?

Weather: it was beautiful up there, with blue skies, but surprisingly cool or cold. Very mild breeze.

Tom Miko



PS: Paul, we never made it to Blue Ridge Campground: we slowly meandered eastward on the 2, and missed Red Crossbill, etc.

PPS: Lance, you were right: you can upload WAV files into eBird reports, but you cannot upload them from a cell phone. I emailed myself the WAV files off my phone, yesterday, and uploaded them effortlessly into eBird from a Windows 7 laptop. Interesting that I can upload MP3 files into eBird from my cell phone, but not WAV files. Like Spock always says, "Fascinating."

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