Date: 6/18/18 3:20 pm
From: wrenyen <medea.steinman...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Re: Not often on birder's radars: white privilege
Thanks for posting this. Maybe we're on the same science/education lists
because that video came to my attention last week--can't remember how I
happened onto it.
The same wildlife ecologist (J. Drew Lanham) also had an article about
trying to do a BBS as a black man. Pretty disturbing stuff--hard to
focus on the birds and the enjoyment while worrying about possible
violence. He clearly tries to keep his sense of humor but he shouldn't
have to be thinking about this. Thought provoking and good awareness
building for us white-folk birders.
Sounds like it would be fun to go birding with him--good barred owl call in
that video. Wish I could do that.
Thanks again,

On Monday, June 18, 2018 at 3:58:31 PM UTC-4, Craig Kesselheim wrote:
> Birding friends - I am sharing this in the spirit of an informational and
> non-political perspective on our shared passion; I hope that's OK within
> the listserv community. I don't need replies unless you wish to, and I'm
> happy to receive those off-list. From where I sit it seems like the
> community of birders in the world is not yet representative of who lives in
> our towns and our region.
> This is a 2-minute video called "Birding While Black
> <>." It showed me yet another
> way that I don't have to be reminded of my race: when I step out of the
> house wearing a hoodie and carrying binoculars. For me it was important
> food for thought and action.
> Best,
> Craig K

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