Date: 6/18/18 3:05 pm
From: Scott Sainsbury <scott...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] unexpected guest
We had a lovely visit from a Brown Thrasher today. We’ve had them stop at the farm most springs, but always earlier. I didn’t think I’d get to see one here this year. Nice surprise.

The fledgling class of ’18 is about to erupt here. There known or likely nests of Orioles, Warbling Vireos, Catbirds, Robins, Barn Swallows, Tree Swallows, Alder Flycatchers, Pigeons, Starlings, Hairy Woodpeckers, Bobolinks, Song and Savannah Sparrows, Red Wings, Grackles, Hummingbirds, Canada Geese (16 goslings by the river), Common Yellowthroats, Robins, Cardinals and Barred Owls close by the house.

I’ve seen chicks in several of the nests, and am looking forward to the entertaining and no less amazing gymnastics trials that come with flight school and figuring out who really controls the feeders.

Each season brings its birding joy.

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