Date: 6/18/18 1:51 pm
From: Alison Wagner <alikatofvt...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Killdeer Mini-me(s)
Fellow Birders,

Some people say birding in June is slow...

A few weeks back, a Hinesburg Community School middle schooler witnessed a pair of Killdeer copulating on the flat roof where they nest every year in a divot of small pebbles. Then today, several of my co-workers and I enjoyed watching four Killdeer Mini-me(s) sprint back and forth along the roof edge of the “1958-wing,” a single story section that abuts a taller part of the school. They looked to be two or three days out. These poufy chicks on stilts, vibrant and sure- footed, raced and darted Killdeer-style along the inside edge of the roof where the taller building casts a shadow. Here, moss covered pebbles must harbor some tasty morsels, as the chicks appeared to be plucking at things. Occasionally a chick would leap up, perhaps to raid a spider web of some tidbit worth the effort. By 2:15 in the afternoon, three of the four chicks had made the plunge to earth by literally walking into thin air, landing with a bounce in the preschool play area (how appropriate). With a few people-made obstacles to maneuver next, the chicks will hopefully make it to safer grounds where they will only need to deal with nature’s hurdles....good luck, little ones!

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