Date: 6/18/18 4:06 am
From: Alison Wagner <alikatofvt...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Unusual singer!
Good Morning!

The alarm went off around 5:15 this morning, only I did not set one. What I was hearing was similar to a radio alarm I had back in the twentieth century. Whoever it was, it had my full attention, so I immediately recorded it and then sought it out. I live in the woods, in the foothills on the western slope of the Green Mountains. Totally wrong habitat for a Clay-colored Sparrow, which I’d say it “sounded like” (but wrong note, cadence, etc.) if I had to describe it to someone. Easily, I located him on a pine branch, a summer resident here for sure....Gray above, light underside, pink bill, cheerleader skirt (white outer feathers on an otherwise gray tail). A junco with a sore throat? Watching him tilt his head while simultaneously hearing the buzzes left no doubt. I wondered if he has had any luck attracting a female. Sure got my attention...nice alarm.

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