Date: 6/17/18 7:02 pm
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Clarion Co- SGL 24- mourning warblers, red-headed woodpecker, winter wren
Yesterday I had another great birding morning in the county, visiting
the SGL near Tylersburg in the very northern tip of the county where I had
mourning warblers last year. In the company of another local birder, we
made a loop around the shelterwood area of this gamelands starting at the
Tylersburg food plot parking area. We were there for almost three hours and
just covered about 1.5 miles but we were cutting through thick understory
of blackberry and other heavy cover.

As soon as we neared the cut area we found a singing winter wren
alongside the deeper area of hemlock and white pine. A little ways away we
could also hear a mourning warbler, the first of three, possibly four that
we encountered. I made a recording of the winter wren with the mourning in
the background and we then picked our way up through the thickest part of
the cut. We found a total of three singing mourning warblers, with a little
varied song and were able to see all three and get recordings. When we
were almost back to the parking area we saw another mourning but I am
unsure if it was the third one that moved a little so didn't count it as a
different bird.

In the midst of chasing down the mourning warblers we heard the calls
of a red-headed woodpecker. I have never seen one in the county so
questioned my ID until I saw two birds across the cut flying from a large
cherry tree. Distinct black and white patches were visible, we kept
watching and eventually got good looks for a sure ID. Almost as exciting as
a mourning warbler as I would suspect attempted breeding at least this time
of year. This habitat would be ideal for them so I would hope to get back
here this summer to check up on them. Of course the most numerous other
species here was chestnut-sided warbler which were literally everywhere as
well as yellow-bellied sapsuckers. We were also fortunate enough to find a
female sapsucker feeding young in a nest at the top of a tall slender snag.

I am thankful to have so many wonderful birding areas within a 45 minute
drive of me and birders can be grateful for the access we have to wonderful
habitat on all the PA game lands.

Carole Winslow
Sligo, Clarion Co.
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