Date: 6/17/18 5:53 pm
From: Bob & Bonnie Buxton <bbxt...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Ruby-throated 'Flycatcher' in Merrimac
We just had the unexpected pleasure of watching a male Ruby-throated
Hummingbird flycatching from our clothesline at dusk. We had never seen
this behavior before, although it's probably common. He would sit on
the clothesline looking intently around, and suddenly fly a short
distance, clearly flycatching ( mosquitoes we hope! ) and then would
return to the clothesline until the next little 'foray'. We watched him
do this many times before he eventually flew off to parts unknown. We
did see one of the tiny insects he caught as it was whitish, but we
could not see any of the others. One of his flights was funny to
watch.. He must have been in the middle of a little swarm of bugs
because his head was twisting around as he tried to grab as many as he
could. Mother Nature always seems to have something fascinating and new
to show us!

Good birding to all,
Bonnie & Bob Buxton
Merrimac, MA
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