Date: 6/17/18 1:37 pm
From: Andrea Bean <abean60...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Crows leaving gifts

I wanted to share something that happened today. I have a platform feeder
that I put fruit out on until my fruit and berry trees start to
produce/mature. I have a couple of crows that come by and partake in the
feast. Today, we were watching out in the yard as we were having lunch
when the crows flew in. We noticed that one had something in it's beak,
and watched as he placed it down, and then rearranged it until it was in
the center of the feeder. Then, they both took some apple and plum, and
flew away. As soon as they left, I went out to see what he had and
discovered that he had left me a gift!!! It was a stick that almost looked
like a tattered piece of rope. I've read about them doing this but never
actually witnessed it, never mind being the recipient of this wonderful
gesture. I am still so giddy about it!

Andrea Bean
W. Peabody, MA

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