Date: 6/15/18 12:13 pm
From: Peter H Yaukey <PYaukey...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Skimmers at Algiers Point
Steve, Tom, LaBird-

Skimmers have traditionally nested with terns on the Poland Street Wharf, which is not too far from Algiers Point (across the river). However, I do not think the rooftop is being used this year- I have visited twice without seeing any birds appearing to alight on/take flight from the roof. On my first visit (around May 1) there were a half dozen skimmers sitting on the nearby asphalt, but none around on a more recent visit. There are two huge military ships docked there now, looming above the wharf rooftop, which I suspect might have made any prospective breeding birds uncomfortable with the site (?).

Since we are talking tern colonies, it appears that the Levitz rooftop colony in Elmwood was abandoned mid-season this year for unknown reasons. This had been a Least Tern colony for the last few years, with a single incubating Gull-billed present a few years back as well. I was delighted early this season to find 44 Gull-billeds on the roof along with 19 Least Terns. After seeing frequent tern activity over the roof when I would happen to drive past on Clearview, I decided to have another look a few days ago (the rooftop is visible from a nearby building). On this last visit, there were zero birds! I will return to verify, but it looks like it has been recently abandoned.

Peter Yaukey

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Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Skimmers at Algiers Point

Steve and others,

For what it's worth, I saw a pair of black skimmers fly over the MS River a little further downstream from you (and from New Orleans) on evening of 6th May, around dusk.

I also noticed a couple of weeks ago that there are terns, presumably breeding, back on the rooftop of the old Schwegmann's store at the base of the bridge across the intracoastal waterway at the E. end of General DeGaulle Dr. in Algiers. I haven't been able yet to check them out as to species.

--Tom Sherry

New Orleans

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Subject: [LABIRD-L] Skimmers at Algiers Point

While taking a leisurely stroll on the Algiers Point Beach, now that the river is down, just before sunset I had two Skimmers do a fly by just above us. In my 14yrs here, this was a first so far inland, relatively speaking of course. Saw plenty on Curlew (Breton Sound) while fishing this past weekend

Best regards, Steven Liffmann
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