Date: 6/13/18 7:23 pm
From: Dianne & Steve Kinder <000000023c9fba03-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Kite Convention, Chariton Co.
I went down to Swan Lake NWR today to check on conditions there. Decided to also check out a private wetland just to the west of the refuge where Mississippi Kites are sometimes present. I was glad to find two soaring around there. Then went on around the refuge where water levels are pretty low most places. There were 60+ Great Egrets and 40+ Great Blue Herons in Swan Lake itself. Flock of 30+ White Pelicans and a few DC Cormorants out on the big dirt mound. Lots of song birds around, but not many other water birds observed. I stopped back by the Kite place as I was leaving and started seeing more flying around over the area. The longer I watched the more birds I saw. Had a high count of 35 at one time! I don't know what a flock of Kites are called, but they were swarming in groups of 10-12 at times. Don't know if they are still migrating?, but this was by far the most I have ever seen. I was watching from Hog Ridge road, the gravel road that runs parallel just west of the main levee road that goes to the Visitor Center. This is the best location I know of for MIKI in this area.  I stopped by Bittern Marsh pool at Fountain Grove on the way home. A flock of 16 White-rumped Sandpipers were the only shorebirds besides Killdeer today.
Happy Kite Day!Steve KinderChillicothe, Livingston <Co.dmkinder...>

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