Date: 6/13/18 3:46 pm
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 6/8 Fowl Meadow in Milton and Canton
Thanks to Paul Peterson for the following report.

Barbara Volkle
Northborough, MA


Wed, 13 Jun 2018 19:47:34 +0000 (UTC)

I birded from 10:25-4:45. This place is
mostly within Canton, but perhaps 20 per cent is in Milton. WEAR DEET
due to the horrendousness of the mosquitoes. (or, like me, just
continuously swat around your face and head with your hands to create
air movement):

Black-billed Cuckoo 1         in the 2nd opening with willows after the
four-way intersection; singing
Yellow-billed Cuckoo 2        one 1/3 way down main path(Burma Road);
other all the way down right-hand path at 4-way intersection
Ruby-throated Hummingbird 1
Hairy Woodpecker 4
Eastern Wood-Pewee 6
Eastern Phoebe 5           including a family
Eastern Kingbird 1
Great Crested Flycatcher 2
Willow Flycatcher 3
Warbling Vireo 5
Red-eyed Vireo 4
Common Raven 2+         nest destroyed!
Brown Creeper 2 uplands with evergreens
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 4
Wood Thrush 4
Veery 2
Blue-winged Warbler 4   including three in abandoned asphalt road area
Black and White Warbler 1
Ovenbird 6
Pine Warbler 1
Yellow Warbler 30
Common Yellowthroat 30
American Redstart 3
Eastern Towhee 20
Swamp Sparrow 3
Rose-breasted Grosbeak 9
Scarlet Tanager 1
Baltimore Oriole 16

Delaware Skipper 1
Monarch 1
Mourning Cloak 1
Tiger Swallowtail 2
Viceroy 1
Pearl Crescent 4
Black Swallowtail 1
Red Admiral 1
Horace Duskywing 1
Ebony Jewel-wing 12

Paul Peterson

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