Date: 6/13/18 3:25 pm
From: Mike McBrien <mcb3mb...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Siberian Common Tern candidates - Nickerson Beach, Nassau Co. 6/12-13
Two probable Siberian Common Terns (S.h. longipennis) candidates were present at Nickerson Beach, Nassau County. These individuals were present mid-morning, following the passage of a rain band that emptied the beach of all beach goers, photographers, and birders. Both exhibited various plumage, molt, and soft parts field marks rendering them distinct from hirundos of their respective age class(es), as well as subtle structural differences from our local birds.

One individual appeared to be a TY bird, showing some signs of immaturity (white forehead speckling, dark smudging on the tertials, etc). This bird was present briefly for 20ish min yesterday but was flushed, precluding more detailed, definitive study. The second individual appeared much more adult-like, and sported very long tail streamers projecting beyond the primaries.

Photos can be seen beginning here:

Michael McBrien
East Patchogue, NY - Bristol, RI


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