Date: 6/13/18 12:18 pm
From: tfberriman <blackpoll...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Moose Bog & Victory Boreal Species

Met up with a couple birders on the Moose Bog Trail this morning, one from
Texas & one from Pennsylvania. We had a 15 minute delay on the trail while a
male Spruce Grouse took a bath (dust bath) First time I've seen this and
didn't know it took so long. I was able to get some video (digiscoped) as
well as with a 200-500mm lens ( a little shaky holding the weight). At
Victory yesterday a male Black-backed allowed me to film him digging for a
beetle (digiscoped). On May 9th Mark Paul found a nest cavity for Boreal
Chickadees, We both did some video and I've been keeping an eye on the
cavity for 5 weeks. Up until Monday all was fine with "parent" coming &
going but in the last 48 hours it's failed or the young were able to leave
on their own.hopefully the latter. I have some video of that also with the
grouse and woodpecker at:

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