Date: 6/13/18 11:15 am
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Subject: Re: [IBLE] Fw: [inland-NW-birders] potential Idaho state first Alder Flycatcher (Boundary Co. eBird report)
The Idaho Bird Records Committee has/is reviewed/ing 3 records of Alder
Flycatcher. 2 from Jefferson County (Camas NWR and Market Lake WMA), by
careful observers, but not ultimately deemed acceptable for a first state
record. Robert Bond reported one from Coolin (Bonner County), last June,
and that record appears to still be under review. I know there have been
other reports of Alder Flycatchers, over the years (and it's a species we
should expect in Idaho), but I don't remember the Kootenai Co. report from
2000 (nor does it appear in the IBRC database).

Carl Lundblad
Moscow, ID

On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 11:08 AM, Jane Westervelt <jwestervelt...>
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> Wasn't an Alder Flycatcher reported from Kootenai County, around 2000 give
> or take a couple years, along the Chain Lakes route? I don't remember the
> exact location, might be able to with a map, but it was near the north end
> of the route.
> Jane
> Moscow, ID
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> *Subject:* [inland-NW-birders] potential Idaho state first Alder
> Flycatcher (Boundary Co. eBird report)
> Hi All,
> A potential state first Alder Flycatcher was reported from Boundary
> County, more information and video/audio forthcoming, approx. location with
> some details on eBird here:
> There is also a recent report of Black and White Warbler from Boundary
> County although I'm unsure if it's still present or chaseable (but some
> information on that is ob eBird). This seems to be a good time to search
> for vagrants in the far northern part of the state (other possibilities
> include Ovenbird, Tennessee Warbler, etc.).
> thanks, Charles.
> --
> Charles Swift
> Moscow, Idaho
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