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Subject: [obol] Yaquina Head Seabird Nesting Update (6/13)
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Date: Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 5:09 AM
Subject: Yaquina Head seabird update
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Hello all,

The Seabird Oceanography Lab studies at Yaquina Head Outstanding
Natural Area had an early start this season beginning on the 15th of
May, with the first egg seen on Flat Top Rock on the 20th of May which
was lost soon after.

Despite the usual disturbances caused by the bald eagles as seen in
the past recent years, the Colony Rock murres have been holding on to
their eggs more so than previous years. As 8th of June, we have been
tracking 52 eggs across 6 plots, for multiple days. The number of
disturbance events is similar to last year (32 in 2018 vs 31 in 2017)
but less severe with no more than 4 bald eagles seen on any day (2
adults, 2 sub-adults) and no more than 12 eggs taken on any event.

We continue to monitor cormorant nest at several locations (Smuggler’s
Cove, Whale Rock, Colony Rock, Lower Colony Rock, Satellite Rock, and
Lion’s Head). In total, 88 Brandt’s cormorant nests and 73 Pelagic
cormorant nests. Early in this season, we’ve been able to confirm 13
nests with eggs.

In 2018, we’re expanding cormorant monitoring locations to include
Yaquina Bay Bridge and pilings (20 Brandt’s, 76 Pelagic, and 44
Double-crested), and Pirate Cove Research Reserve (7 Pelagic and 97
Brandt’s). Interestingly, the nesting phenology follows a strict
south-to-north pattern with the first chicks (Double-crested) seen on
May 6th, the first eggs at Yaquina Head on May 20th, and Pirate’s Cove
cormorants still building nests. We are also monitoring Western Gulls
at Cleft-in-the-Rock and nests in Newport. The first chicks have
hatched at Cleft-in-the-Rock.

This year, we’re delighted to have Christian Cortez as our new
Environment for the Americas intern whom we share with the Bureau of
Land Management. Additionally, we welcome back two continuing
undergraduate student researchers, Alayna Lawson and Ana Medina, and
bring into the fold three new OSU summer research fellows, Melonie
Birch, Alyssa Nelson, and Mackenzie Weber.

We’re excited to follow all these stories throughout June and will
send another update in early July. Stay tuned!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Christian Cortez
Rachael Orben
Don Lyons
Jane Dolliver
Jess Porquez
Ana Medina
Alayna Lawson
Melonie Birch
Alyssa Nelson
Mackenzie Weber
Stephanie Loredo
Rob Suryan

Rachael A. Orben PhD
Assistant Professor (Sr. Research) | Department of Fisheries &
Wildlife | Oregon State University | Hatfield Marine Science Center |
Newport, Oregon 97365 | office: 541-867-0223
Seabird Oceanography Lab, |
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