Date: 6/13/18 9:25 am
From: Nature's Coast Oregon <info...>
Subject: [obol] Oystercatcher Chicks
Oystercatchers? Did someone mention oystercatchers? 


I just happened yesterday to have the good fortune to observe a nest
of black oystercatchers hatching out ... below is a link to my first
rough video outtake of the event. The day presented a rare trifecta
for shooting video on the coast (great subject matter! perfect light!
zero wind!), allowing vivid 4K capture of a host of beautiful and
interesting behaviors (e.g., I would definitely have been last to
guess the little fluff-balls would roll straight out of the egg pumped
up for a knock-down, drag-out fight!). 


As for posted concerns re predators ... gulls were frequently
observed perching on rocks directly overlooking the nest — which, so
clearly "hidden in plain sight," BOC parents would occasionally leave
unguarded, without any evident concern — while concurrently, seemingly
in stark contrast, hordes of gull cousins at nearby Yaquina Head were
expending every effort under the sun to steal every possible egg
and/or chick of common murres trying to nest there. No other potential
predators were noted through weeks of observation by the two voices
that can be heard in the background audio, mine and the Audubon
volunteer documenting nest activities. With no other explanation
evident as to lack of gull interest in an unguarded oystercatcher
nest, we were left to wonder if perhaps, as a matter of natural
selection, black oystercatcher eggs and chicks simply ... don't taste


In any case ... I hope you enjoy the video!




Howard Shippey

South Beach


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