Date: 6/13/18 9:21 am
From: Joe Liebezeit <jliebezeit...>
Subject: [obol] black oystercatchers
continuing on with the black oystercatcher conversation... Audubon Society
of Portland and partners re-initiated Oregon coast-wide monitoring of
oystercatchers a few years ago. Folks like Linda Fink have been
instrumental in helping us conduct abundance surveys and nest monitoring
and keep tabs on this species. Over 70 volunteers and agency folks have
contributed to this effort since 2015. The current population for Oregon
we estimate to be around 500-600 individuals. Here is a link
to a recent report. This is up a bit from an estimate of ~300 in 2006 -
last time there was a rigorous population estimate (by USGS). The bottom
line is that although this species appears to be stable and potentially
increased from the mid 2000s it has a small vulnerable population in
Oregon. I won't get into the Peregrine Falcon scapegoat game but another
stressor for this bird is increasing human (and dog) disturbance -
particularly at nest sites. Right now there is a public process going on
to update the rocky shores chapter of the Territorial Sea Plan - the
guidance document for management of Oregon's coastline and state waters.
There will be opportunities for public comment and increased protections of
our rocky shores (and oystercatchers). Here's a link to the rocky shores
process <>so
you can get engaged.

Joe Liebezeit, MS
Avian Conservation Program Manager
Audubon Society of Portland
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Portland, OR 97210

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