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Subject: Re: 2 BLUE GROSBEAKS, Imperial Grasslands, Allegheny County
I agree with Alan. In fact, 3 of us went there yesterday in hopes of finding them. The total number of people there was... 3. We ere the only ones. We scouted other places in the area for other species and stopped back later and while we were there the second time the Solomons showed up. Thats 5 for the day. No hoards, nobody wading through the marsh. It was pleasant but, windy day. We did not locate the grosbeaks. I may try again tomorrow. Birders are, by and large, a great, respectful bunch. I enjoy running into them in the field! Don Weiss

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I always appreciate specific directions to a rare and interesting bird.  I think the characterization that "everyone idiot with an ipod will be out there today harassing the grosbeaks" is quite wrong.  The vast majority of the "idiots with an ipod" are not going to be receiving emails from the PABirds listserve, and even if they did, I find it unlikely that the casual idiot is going to drive to an obscure location in an industrial park to see a Blue Grosbeak when most people don't even look out their window to appreciate a Blue Jay in their yard.  We sort of have to assume that those receiving these emails are capable and aware of how to handle themselves with respect to proper behavior when viewing birds, otherwise what is this list even for?  There are bad actors rarely yes, but I'm pretty sure the massive construction efforts at the King Rd area are gonna do more disturbance than any number of birders walking the road and trying to get a glimpse of a beautiful bird.  If people aren't permitted to view and appreciate birds (within reason), then how can we expect anyone to care about their fate?  Just my thoughts.

Good birding,
Alan Buriak

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Although posts like this are informative and interesting, by giving specific directions, the unfortunate downside will be every idiot with an IPOD will be out there today harassing the Grosbeaks.

Jerry Kruth

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Subject: [PABIRDS] 2 BLUE GROSBEAKS, Imperial Grasslands, Allegheny County

Hi all,
Tessa Rhinehart, Jack Chaillet, and I birded the Imperial Grasslands this
morning. Upon entering King Road Jack called out a female BLUE GROSBEAK
from the car. After brief but identifiable looks this bird disappeared into
the marshes and brief playback flushed an adult male Blue Grosbeak which
immediately started to sing from the leafy tree in the marsh. Photos can be
found on our checklist, the link to which is below.
Incidentally, Michael David's follow-up to our report had neither male or
female adult birds, but an immature male, which indicates that there are at
least 3 birds present at this site. While nesting has historically occurred
here, BLGR has not recently bred in the county and it would be very cool to
see evidence of breeding.
Also notable from King Rd. were a Ring-necked Pheasant on the berm on the
left after turning from Westport Rd., several very vocal Yellow-breasted
Chats, close looks at a Grasshopper Sparrow, White-eyed Vireo, and 5
species of breeding warblers (Blue-winged, Ovenbird, Prairie, Yellow,

Bobolinks and a Horned Lark were present at the truck stop, and while
Henslow's Sparrows were not singing at the west grasslands, they were
abundant at the Beagle Rd. area down the road in Washington Co.

Less rare but also of note was a total of around 8 to 10 Green Herons
throughout the day, a surprisingly high number for the county.

The link to the checklist is here:

Good birding,
Sameer Apte
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