Date: 6/13/18 6:07 am
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Subject: RE: [Arlington Birds] Injured mourning dove
Thanks for your help in finding aid for this bird. I took it to Alison
Webber, who was very nice, and will return it to me when healed for release
in my area.


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Subject: Re: [Arlington Birds] Injured mourning dove
shows the nearest bird person as Alison Webber in Wayland, 508-358-2173
Good luck!

At 08:56 AM 6/12/2018, MJ Keeler <maryjane.keeler...>
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Also, I think there still may be a woman at¬¬ who is a wildlife rehabber.¬ But,
it's been years since I brought her a baby squirrel.

Good luck.¬ Keep the bird under a cover and in a quiet space.


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I have a fledgling mourning dove that has an injured wing from a cat
encounter. I currently have it in a cat carrier box with some bird seed,
which it seems to be eating. Looking for some advice on what to do for the
Stephen Kruse

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