Date: 6/12/18 2:00 pm
From: Ron Hirst <ronhirst...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] yardbird pairs and fledglings this week near Franceschi Park
Brown Creeper feeding a young bird June 2, unusual for SB coastal area
Black Phoebes with young
CA towhees with young
Bewicks Wrens with young
Rufous sided Towhee (pair have been in yard for months - hiding for the last week)
Wrentits (pair have been in yard and singing for months)
Allen's Hummingbirds (many)
Anna's Hummingbirds (many)
Mockingbirds with young
Crow pair with young
House Finches
Hooded Orioles (pair have been here for months)
Bushtits roving flock

Other pairs;  Eur. Collared doves, CA Thrashers (hiding for the last week), Acorn Woodpeckers
Some of the bird pairs are less noticeable this week, perhaps hiding a nest from the rapacious resident crow family.
I suppose I will start using eBird regularly to document sightings. 

Ron Hirst, SB

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