Date: 6/12/18 10:57 am
From: W. Douglas Robinson <w.douglas.robinson...>
Subject: [obol] Grant/Harney Oregon 2020 blitz results
Last weekend we finished our blitz of Harney County, begun last year, by counting birds in Oregon 2020 squares north of Burns, as well as most of Grant County. An ambitiously large area to cover, no doubt. We were able to accomplish this task with the tireless help of Kim Nelson, Will Wright, Mark Baldwin, Bill Griffiths, Barb Bresson, Char Corkran, Cathy Flick, Elaine Rybak, Jenna Curtis, Tyler Hallman and Douglas Robinson.

We enjoyed a great diversity of weather, lacking only a hot temperature event. It snowed, it hailed, rained, blew, and froze. And, it was also perfectly pleasant part of the time. In the end, the weather stimulated the birds to remain active late into the day.

In Grant we found nearly 160 species, with our Harney total being slightly behind that, having not found many waterbirds in the northern sections of Harney. Some highlights included Grant Grasshopper Sparrows (they seem to be nearly everywhere in the state this year), Tricolored Blackbirds, some goshawks, Flammulated Owls, Gray Catbirds and Veeries. One (or two) of those mysterious large gray owls were glimpsed in Harney and/or Grant. We searched for Upland Sandpipers but found nothing but curlews, cranes and cows. Both counties were fun to explore and we contributed counts of birds at several hundred locations rarely visited by birders. It’s exciting to see what can be discovered by exploring off-the-beaten-path locations and getting to know the great geographic splendor of our state.

Next blitz is lovely Union County in 2 weeks.

Happy bird-finding


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