Date: 6/12/18 10:13 am
From: Range Bayer <range.bayer...>
Subject: [obol] ABA's OBOL List Not Showing All Recent Posts to OBOL

I discovered last night that my posting last night at 8 PM to OBOL did not
show up on the ABA OBOL List (, though
it showed last night in the FreeLists OBOL Archives (

In comparing the FreeLists OBOL Archives and ABA lists (see screen captures
below from about 9:30 AM PDT [ABA times are not in PDT]), I see that my
posting is not the only posting showing in the OBOL Archives, but not ABA's
OBOL. From the screen captures below starting with yesterday's Karen
Saxton's "Re: hummingbirds again" showing in FreeLists OBOL Archives, there
are 23 OBOL postings showing up in FreeLists Archives but only 12 in ABA's

And my 2nd try this morning for a singing GC Sparrow went through to
FreeLists OBOL but not ABA's OBOL.

Many people follow OBOL on the ABA's OBOL List.

I have no idea what the issue is with the ABA's OBOL list, how long it will
last or has lasted, or if the messages missing to the ABA list will
eventually show up.

But if you are interested in OBOL postings and only read it on the Web, you
might want to consider monitoring the FreeLists Archives (

Oh oh, I just now realize that I have probably wasted my time with this
email because the very people who need to read it are using ABA's OBOL list
and may not see it because it will not show up on the ABA's list.

Such is life,

Range Bayer, Newport, Oregon.

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