Date: 6/11/18 7:33 pm
From: Dave Leibert <xdave...>
Subject: Bethlehem Peregrine show, Northampton county
Howdy All,

I went to check on the progress of the nesting Bethlehem peregrines
tonight and I was treated to a great show by 4 of them . This was as
viewed through my Integra's sunroof from maybe 100 feet away.

A young male was on the low roof right under the "nest ledge" on the
building chosen for their nest site. He must have fledged within the
last few days.

This bird was crying away for food. At first I didn't see any other
birds and I left to get a different view of the area. When I returned
another young peregrine, perhaps female, was on the nest ledge along
with the adult female. The adult male flew in carrying prey and the the
adult female met him on top of the building. He transferred the prey to
the adult female and took off again. Then the female would take short
flights away from the building trying to get the young female to fly off
the ledge to get food.

This went on for ten minutes or so and then the adult female landed next
to the young bird on the ledge and gave her the prey.

That's when I split figuring there will be other opportunities to view
them this week as the weather looks good. I was not able to see any
other young peregrines but perhaps a third is close by.

Happy birding,
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