Date: 6/11/18 1:51 pm
From: Jen Lee <jal21...>
Subject: (not local) G.H.Owlett
This video comes to me from a friends sister in Jacksonville, Illinois on MacMurry campus.
She first told me about it about a month ago with a picture - asking what they should do. It was just a gray fuzzy owlet then on the ground next to her house. I advised, let it alone, check on it, see how it is doing - that the owl parents would probably know where it was and continue to care for it.... The owlet is apparently doing quite well a month later !! see video attached

Jen Lee

Sent: Saturday, June 9, 2018 9:53:34 AM
Subject: Owl

The owl is still there growing and molting! Apparently not bothered by people or the dog walking with my sister. Either the mother is taking care of it or it can fend for itself eating the campus squirrels or something.


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