Date: 6/11/18 1:49 pm
From: ok_forbs <ok_forbs...>
Subject: Harper Co. Roadrunner Nesting
I posted a prequel to this email over a year ago.
This is a follow up / update to that post.

I talked to the owner of the land that the Roadrunner is nesting
on. He said this year, the male built a nest, but the female has
disappeared. As a result the male is singing a lot, perhaps trying
to attract it's previous (or a new) mate.

He also reported that they have successfully raised young in both of the
past 2 years.

The nest is located several miles east of Anthony.

"Nothing else that lives in the desert, not even the spiny cactus
or resinous creosote bush, is more at home there."
Joseph Wood Krutch, "The Desert Year", writing about the Greater Roadrunner.

Eddie Stegall
Wichita, Ks.

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