Date: 6/11/18 7:07 am
From: Floyd, Chris <chrisf...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Garlic Mustard at Marblehead and Nahant MAS Sanctuaries

My visits this spring to Marblehead Neck WS and Nahant Thicket WS were alarming for the increased presence of invasive garlic mustard. Although it is on the late side for efforts to control the production of new seed this year, visiting birders can still help control the spread (at MAS sanctuaries or anywhere) by removing pioneer plants with mature seedheads about to spread those to new areas. Getting those few pioneers maximizes the control results for the effort required, as compared to trying to remove hundreds of mature plants from already heavily infested areas, where a large proportion of the seedlings won't substantially increase the overall infestation. It is crucial to dispose of the mature plants in a way that they won't get back into the environment (trash pickup probably okay), as opposed to pulling them and leaving them on the ground, which probably accomplishes nothing.

There's a ton of good information available from a Google search on "garlic mustard," but here's something I found on MAS pages:

I you want to see what can happen to a previously nice birding area with ill-informed "improvements" and no control of garlic mustard, take a walk on Nahant's Heritage Trail (near the stump dump).

Thanks for your attention to something peripheral to birding, but which can ultimately help good birding experience.

Chris Floyd

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