Date: 6/10/18 8:43 pm
From: Dave DeReamus <becard...>
Subject: Bethlehem Peregrines and PABIRDS issues
If you haven’t seen any postings of the Eastern PA Birdline lately, it’s because for some reason there have been issues with me being automatically removed from PABIRDS and my posts being electronically rejected. This has happened several times now and Carmen (thanks again) has reinstated me at least for now. So, I’ll be reposting the latest update following this post.

As per the Bethlehem Peregrines: On my way to my hockey game tonight, I saw both adults perched next to the nest site with one of the young sticking its head up above the beam at the nest. Because this was a ‘drive-by’, I’m not sure if there are more than the one young bird there or not. Good to know that they have been successful thus far.

Good birding,
Dave DeReamus
Palmer Township, PA
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