Date: 6/10/18 2:53 pm
From: Mike Patterson <celata...>
Subject: [obol] Nicolai Mt BBS - 6/10/2016
I just wrapped up the paperwork on my 26th year doing the Nicolai
Mt Breeding Bird Survey (29th if you count the 3 years doing its
predecessor, which was shut down by locked gates).

Average(ish) total was 60 species. Record low total individuals count
was 399 probably due to cold, unsettled weather today and a generally
unenthusiastic spring over all.

I picked up 2 new species: a SNOW GOOSE which is hanging out with CANADA
GEESE near the Brownsmead Fire Station (imm and probably not something
to expect regularly in the future) and RING-BILLED GULL which is
actually more surprising in that it took nearly 30 years to get one.

Snow Goose photo at:

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
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