Date: 6/10/18 11:01 am
From: Andrew Thomas <andy.t...>
Subject: [obol] Re: About that Smith Rock Nene
There is an aviary at Pioneer Park in Walla Walla that has (or had) a successful nene breeding program. It's possible, I suppose, that an escapee could make its way to Crook County. I could not find any information online as to whether that program is still active. Of course, there may be other captive nene in the Northwest as well.

Andrew Thomas

West Linn OR

> On June 9, 2018 at 4:59 PM David Vick <or.naturalist...> wrote:
> As Judy Meredith often says, "Birds can do anything, they can fly" but that is not the cases this time. One of our volunteer hosts showed up from Prineville Reservoir State Park with two half grown goslings in tow. He claimed that they had imprinted on him but he is no Konrad Lorenz. Like many species on isolated islands that historically lacked predators the Nene is famous for tameness due to ecological naivety. Our manager, Scott Brown, asked me to identify them and I was stumped even though I have seen adults on two different trips to the Big Island but they were somewhat out of context here in Central Oregon. I suggested sending a photo to Elise Wolf who solved the mystery but alas, one of the of the pair disappeared before her husband arrived to transport them to Native Bird Care in Sisters. Now the only question is who is raising Nene in Crook County?
> David Vick
> Interpretive Naturalist
> Smith Rock State Park

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