Date: 6/10/18 10:01 am
From: Will Miller <wmille7...>
Subject: Re: Is this unusual behavior?
Interesting you mention this. I was walking my dog through Governor's Park
in Bellefonte last weekend and saw several robins making a ruckus in the
woods. Turns out they were mobbing a gray-phase screech-owl that was
sitting on the path. I didn't see if he had anything before he flew off.
Proceeded into the trees where it struck up the "I'm not here" pose for 30+
minutes. Luckily he stayed there long enough for me to grab my wife
(non-birder but owl lover) to show her!

There are several very large trees with hollows in them up along the
walking path in Governor's Park that look like prime screech owl homes!

On Sat, Jun 9, 2018 at 6:42 PM, Thomas Rodgers <tjrb125...> wrote:

> On Friday past, we had fledgling robin hopping in our backyard ( Zion Road
> outside Bellefonte ) attended by parent(s). About 6:00 pm saw a ruckus and
> a Screech-owl had just pounced and killed the fledgling. That got everyone
> going and the robins and Grackles chased the owl into one of our spruce
> trees where it went into its "I’m not here" pose until 20 minutes later the
> robins finally departed. First Screech-owl I have seen in our area, never
> even heard one. Mostly, we have Barred Owls hooting every year.
> Tom Rodgers

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