Date: 6/10/18 6:11 am
From: Bob Bailey <bohemewarbler...>
Subject: SLAS field trip report - Blue Grosbeak to Lost Valley, Weldon Spring CA, 6-9-18
Attached is the trip report from the SLAS field trip to Blue Grosbeak to Lost Valley, Weldon Spring Conservation Area, Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Temperatures stayed relatively cool throughout most of the morning, and our trip ending just before a rain storm.

We had a lovely and productive morning. The trip started at 5:45, so it allowed us to both leisurely and fastidiously bird these areas. Fellow SLAS trip leaders, Mike Grant and Pat Lueders, were the fastidious recorders; I was the leisurely guy.

We encountered 49 species of birds at BGT, 11 species at Howell Prairie (hoping for a Prairie Warbler and possible Henslow's Sparrow), and 24 species at Lost Valley.

Surprisingly, we were unable to meet up with any Worm-eating or Cerulean warblers at Lost Valley, most likely due to their quiet nesting behavior. However, we were very pleased to view a Blue Grosbeak on its namesake trail. One species we encountered, but not indicated on the trip reports, was a Prairie Warbler on the drive to Busch Greenway after the official trip ended at Lost Valley. I kept my car windows open as I drove, and I heard the bird singing along HWY 94 in front of Francis Howell High School. We stopped at the school's parking lot and listened to its song, but we weren't able to get a visual.

Our last unofficial stop was at the Busch Greenway trailhead (follow the road that leads to the Duckett Creek Sanitary Plant) just so folks knew where this new hotspot was located.

I'd like to thank everyone, all hardy birders willing to make it this 5:45 am starting time, for joining us on this delightful trip.

Here is the list of birds provided by Mike Grant using his Mobile e-bird app. Thank you, Mike, for providing this.

Blue Grosbeak Trail -

Howell Prairie/Hamburg Trail -

Lost Valley -

Bob Bailey
St. Louis, MO

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